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New Things Are UP!!

سلام عليكم / Hi

I would like to express my gratitude to [SHIFT], [SNOOPY], and the server managers for their exceptional efforts in providing us with the best game play experience on our Arabian server. The dedication and commitment they have shown are truly commendable.

I also wanted to acknowledge that a new feature that allows players to win 25 rounds instead of waiting for 60 minutes to achieve victory on a map. This idea is indeed intriguing and has the potential to significantly enhance the overall enjoyment of the game. By reducing the waiting time, players will have more opportunities to engage in thrilling game play and experience greater satisfaction.

Once again, I extend my appreciation for all players to support and hope that continue to have a fantastic time on our Arabian server.

Enjoy your game play and have a great time!

Best regards [f0rget] ,
[Image: b_560x95.png]

Walikom Alslam

Mangers, admins and players all are part of this. Some players playing here since decade and years and they deserve the effort. In the same time we never stop maintenance and improve for best game play possible and we are open to any new idea's and suggestions.

Thank you f0rget  
If you cant see except what lights show you and cant hare except what sounds announced 
then you are far away from truth in this world.


I join SHIFT' words and thank you for yours.


gg Heart Smile

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