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Fix ping probleme (for dz players)

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السلام عليكم
 For Algerian Players who own bad ping these days since the biginning of ramadan

There is a methode that i want to share with you toget a Good and Stable Ping
  • search on google or any browser that site: https://windscribe.com
  • then open an account  on the site and download the application to your computer
  • now , u must register with account that u created and this can be confirmed by email to get 10GB of DATA
  • after this , u can change the country to another country , and i recommend changing to a European country to get better experience
And for those who did not know the methode , i can leave you this video that shows the methode 

Dont forget to help each other , from Players , Admins , Managers . After all we are One family <3
Regards, ♪ Noises  
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Great Guide. thank you for sharing
If you cant see except what lights show you and cant hare except what sounds announced 
then you are far away from truth in this world.
thanks a lot for this <3
I hvn't been able to play since Ramadan began will try it <3 TY Bro
thank you Noises it was soo helpful <3
Nothing is True, evrything is Permitted
thank you noises , it`s great <3

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