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Admin request

Your Game Name: Cinder

Your Real Name: Amine Smile
Your Age: 28
Your Facebook Account: i dont have facebook
Your Experience-tell us about yourself : in a nutshell this server became my favourite  Big Grin Heart
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:626392947
Your steam profile link:
Server Name:  DD2

A friend since 3 years ago, good player, and active.

Notice: a lot of players think that Cinder is Chaal. Actually thats wrong, Chaal is banned by SHIFT, he asked me to remove the ban, but I did not accept it.
Cinder is another guy, I know him since he was non-steam, I gave him his steam account, thats all the story.
Plz all, play as well and have fun and dont put ur nose in a cases not ur responsibility.

Thanks for readers.
Best Regards

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