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Admin Request

Your Game Name: C'hAàL._
Your Real Name: Chaal Mohamed
Your Age: 27
Your Facebook Account: Med Chaal
Your Experience-tell us about yourself : been playing cs since 2004, Started playin in the server from 2015 since then i loved it and became my favourite, love makin new friends in the community , great players learned alot from them , would be my pleasure to join the administration family and ensuring the server stay one of the best servers.
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:107880652
Your steam profile link:
Server Name: Arabian-Servers.Com [Dust2Only]


Is it a joke ? You have bad behaviour in the server ... everybody knows you ...

(05-03-2020, 05:38 PM)TIZI VOU Wrote: Is it a joke  ?   You have bad behaviour in the server ... everybody knows you ...

like my opinion

Hey Chaal ...
Yu are really without shame, yu have already asked me if yu could be admin on the server if yu could posted on the website .... yu have already asked BRAVE in person and yu dare to ask on the website ...
The man with 16 banns banned by each admin / owner / founder ... Yu force me to be unpleasant brother ...
Sry Bro but i cant accept ..
See with Brave if u pref , hes more kind / wise person than me ...

Play as much as you want on the server but don't forget the mistakes you may have made ...As i told yu with your past yu can not be first on the list even if you have changed ...
Refused & Peace bro ...

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