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READ FIRST >>> How To Write Successful Adminship Aplication <<<<

Guidelines for ADMIN REQUEST

1. All applications must follow this standard  Exclamation
2. Applications not in this standard will not be reviewed and discarded  Huh
3. Applications only for OFFICIAL STEAM. NON-STEAM do not qualify  Tongue
4. Make sure applications are in the RIGHT SECTION: MIX, DD2, DM, FM, HS,Classic   Exclamation

5. Admin age 17+ years

6. Admin Application for only ONE (1) Server.

7. Check on your application status: ----->ACCEPTED or REJECTED<----- and contact SERVER MANAGER on STEAM / FORUM PM when ACCEPTED for admin activation.

Your Game Name:
Your Real Name:
Your Age:
Your Facebook Account:
Your Experience-tell us about yourself :
Your Steam ID:
Your steam profile link:
Server Name:
GameTracker Stats (requested server): example: NervN GT Stats



Your application success will depend on ability to follow RULES/GUIDELINES.

Ask Questions if you need help or don't understand something.

Good Luck to ALL Big Grin
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then you are far away from truth in this world.

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