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Report for an abuse of a player

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hello guys
iam reporting some player who called "maikel" you know him for sure . i had a situation with him witch is insulting me"he insulte my mom" infortof an admin "pawel" he should ban hil but he didnt he is new i know """he dont react with any think at all""" . i wiche he get ban for this isulting and i have a demo i will post it right now and thank you for your passiont with me ^^

Hi Halibert. 
About Maikel.. Always when lm on server and see players are insoulting each other lm trying to calm down the situation. Not every time l can spot who start argument and who's guilty. l warned Maikel that if one more time l will see he is aggressive and rude to anyone he will get ban. Is not just about you only but about other players too.

About you Halibert and Speis. You send me the copies of that Speis was writing to you that he is rude etc. so l also gave him ban warning. Problem is that you are both provocating each other and kicking when one will make fail.

Just please.. you all have to chill out a bit. This is just a game and our time out of reality and relax after work or hard day.

But anyway if next time l will see similar situation l will be more strict. lm not gonna let it go without consequences.

Pawel :]
when happened to this community ? automix servers??? wtf is going on... 0 owner Online 

i want to report marcus gay abusing kid
i left in 2017-2018 
when i got back everything changed 
where is the female owner? 
pls reselect your admins 
no ID no admin
U left in 2017-18, and u come as a big mouth insulting people LOL!
How would change a bit the last sentence to : " Pls reselect your players" that would be more accurated!
The old shool left the game man ; its just the newest are controlling ^^
arabian was good with the old shool
by halibert haha; insulting players for a votekick and this was just 1hour ago, start by yourself man ...
Marcus here,
Be polite dont insult you are so welcome here not for you only
For everyone
We cant controle our skills but for sure we can controle what we say
we play for fun no need to insult specialy families

Have fun
Why not just play and have fun and behave and respect other?

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