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Rolleyes I wonder at the same why the ban is frequent here, while I wander around in several servers, I rarely know how to ban I play for a long time in a strong server and on its head strong supervisors like card klachr u caspar u ravan and no one banned me even though I was the youngest of them in age and from these servers ABC and ambrosia  As for ambrosia, it was hacked by a player named old skool, and it was for reasons that they wanted to ban him for some reason. This is the example. I ban many and the authority will work in a misplaced manner that may cause problems, including the occurrence of hatred between the admins and players, and he wants them to take revenge on the other or think of hacking the server Thus, the fun of playing goes away. I love this game and I do not like it to happen, as happened to some servers. I hope that the supervisors will be lenient with the game, especially if it is new, so as not to alienate. The supervisor is like this in order to preserve the privacy of the game. Thank you. I hope that I have made it through the experience Rolleyes

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