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Ban ???

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I did not use the hack Why ban me Colu 
بي عربي يفهمني والله ما انا لي درت الهاك بالاك دارو اسمي

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U do use hack! And its easy to check! Go check those "BIG CONFIG, Too many aliases" On the DLLs executables u have the cheat there!!!!

BTW, u are DASH, MELO or whatever nickname u use from other players!!! 
-This is the scan
-The config.

U Use the Valve.rc to put inside other scripts inside!

Man, i know u for many years! U cant even have a nickname for yourself that u copy from others! I banned more then 20 accounts from you, and this will not be open to u too!
Told u before,when i catch u playing in here, u will get always banned!

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