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Should we add de_forge, de_cache, css_overpass

I see alot of people moaning about playing the same maps over and over which have been voted. So here's a idea -

Lets face it, de_cbble is never played and de_forge is the same layout as de_cbble but more compact and better fps.
So it would make sense too remove de_cbble and add de_forge (More fun in my opinion).

Also removing de_cpl_mill would be an obvious delete due too de_tuscan played instead of this. 

De_cache(enjoyable map) and css_overpass are of course played very often in CSGO.. but there are cs 1.6 versions of these maps and could be added if people wanted them.

OK, Peoples thoughts?

[Image: cs-62-de_forge.jpg]
[Image: cs-62-de_forge-3.jpg]
[Image: 84037]
[Image: 32015_101.png]

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Should we add de_forge, de_cache, css_overpass - by Tesco Value - 06-15-2022, 08:35 PM

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