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Colu - bad admin behavior

Hi all.

This is a message for everyone that plays in this servers and specially for the other admins to see if they can do something...

The thing is: 

I have been kicked (I think 3 times by now) by Colu and for no reason.

Last one was last night because, simply put, i rushed mid on dd2 and I died.... and for that reason only, because I didnt insult anyone, I didn't block anyone at any moment, I didn't have any bad behavior.

And that's not the only time he behaved wrong. Everytime I play with him in the same team he keeps screaming on mic everytime anyone does any play he doesn't like.

Colu, if you read this, look for help bruh... It's not healthy to have that kind of dictatorship.

Dictatorship? That would be if i would ban u everytime u come to play just cause i dont like u or cause i want! When u come to troll on the servers, "like pushing mid" (on every round on purpose), or like last time i kicked u cause u was last man trying to knife 2 on defusing bomb, then yes, im dictator!

But thanks for coming in here complaining, next time u wont get kicked, i will ban u for troll! U guys come in here, thinking u own the servers, come to troll, play as u want making team mates get furious, but they cant kick/ban! I can!

So u are warned for a next time.

Have a great time


I think you are seriously confusing me with someone else. I have never trolled on this servers or any other servers in 15 years playing cs 1.6. I'm not that kind of person. And the situation you are exposing has never happened to me. I have never been the last man and tried to knife the other 2 Wink

And you are lying that i pushed mid on every round. It was like the 5th round of the match and it was the first time I pushed mid. Your confusion might be because you have a tendency to kick everyone that does something you don't approve or like.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt just because I don't like to be in a bad mood with anyone.

Have a great time too Smile


Go ask Spawnz then!

(10-24-2021, 07:39 PM)Columbia Wrote: Go ask Spawnz then!

nerul u was with me in same team , Colu he's right 3 times u pushed mid and troll ( u were playing provocatively n u didn't care about ur team ) soo don't look for excuses , u are wrong uk it well 


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