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Remove Fast-Switch and Dmg Detector

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Hi and hello

Actually this problem happened to players on the server. And I think one day it will come. so I need to stop the danger before it becomes a reality. 

I suggest removing Fast-Switch and Dmg Detector from daily reward as long as they are already free and available to anyone.
hello , Yea i noticed that 2-3 players can't play with/use fast-switch some days ago , i don't know if there are a huge complaint about this problem in server atm 

in addition as U mentioned above we need to remove Fast-Switch +Dmg Detector since it's already for free , i thought it's a programming bug happened due of this changes

thanks a lot morgan bro for Ur suggestions keep it up  Shy

Note : i'll ask Nea asap
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OK bro thank you for your time and great feedbacks
Yeah yeah.. enjoy players
(06-30-2021, 02:42 AM)[Mr] ZAYN Wrote: Yeah yeah.. enjoy players

Hey bro ma niggga. long time no see

welcomke back bro. I was asking about you. no news from helix nor livox.

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