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I Just Wanna Ask If There Is Any Way To Mute Some In server
i mean never See His messages Again
While M Playing Bcs Some Players Are Disrespectfull
Thats All Ty
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No Solution ?

Any Way 
Lets Make It Report Then

There Is Alot Of Players In DD2 Disrespectful And Trash talk Players
Insults Not Only Me 
I suggest To Open DD2 All Chat And See 
Any Way 
I Dont Wanna See Any Chat From This Chaal Player 
I Dont Care If U Do No Think About It But Need Solution To Mute Some Players
Not Only Him


This ScreenShots Are No Think Just Play For 15 min and Toke them
The Worst I cant post 
U can Check Any Way like Already Said In Chat DD2 Servers

Ll Be disappointed Of This Forums If this Post Have No Replys
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Reporting these messages is pretty childish to me. Move on man.
unfortunately you missed the point Bro
This Messages Are No Think About Them actually That 15 Min Gameplay Imagine Hours Never Stop
We Have in Arabian Servers Chat of All  players including me
I cant screenshot everything + If U Are Not Dz  you cant understand
why players Luv Arabian Bcs There is Rules 
I Was Admins Before I Know What Rules Says Ty
Hi Bros,

Problem fixed, i talked with Chaal about this
Be polite on server , stay cool and enjoy


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