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Forum Announcement: Arabian Servers Managers and Adminship Rules (13-02-2022 update)

Founder: SHIFT ~ 2013 , Owner:  BRAVE

Managers For DD2,DM and HS Servers :  Sherkasy and Snoopy
Managers for Mix Servers: Columbia and Marcus       
Technical manager: Tjaarda

Managers Rules :

- Making sure each admin is doing his job and following Adminships rules.
- Manager Can unban players , following complaints about admins etc.
- Taking Suggestions from players .
- Following servers technical problems and report them to Technical manager.
- Approving  admin application need 2 votes from servers managers  like Marcus and Columbia in case of Mix servers
- Removing admin need only 1 manager. 
- Managers also supervise website forums, social media pages/group and Discord (to be opened)

Adminship Rules:

1- ALL ADMINS MUST BE ACTIVE IN THE COMMUNITY FORUMS to communicate with players and respond to complains about them.
2- Owning other server or being admin their conflict with being admin here. We have to decline any applications from other servers owners and admins. Arabian Servers should be your 1st priority Also be careful with players who promote other servers and distract our players which affect servers activity.
3- if admin insult other admin will be removed also no kick ban slay etc for other admins except in the case one admin trying to abuse his adminship like banning all players .
4 - admin must deal with campers slap if he doesn't move slay directly if he camping again and again then ban him for 10 min , usually this rule doesn't include mix and deathmatch servers .
note : u can increase the ban time if the player is keep do it up too 1 day max .
5 - when u write amx_banmenu in the console u will see the banning reasons and the TIME for each > for example :
swearing / insult = 60 min ban
hacking = permanent
advertising = 60 min
note : ban time will increase if the player insist on return and abuse insult again .up to permanent and even black lists .
6 - don't ban manually for unknown reason like
amx_addban SHIFT 0 0
it will considered as abuse and u may be got removed depend on the case .
7 - respect players dont call any one with bad words like kid etc .
8 - regarding automix servers kicking players to let your friend/s play will consider abuse and u may be removed .
9 - u must record demo before banning steam players specially in dust2 , dm , hs , funmod or make the player scan his game for hacks by this program before banning him this program is useful in mix servers since u cant spec .

## This rules subjected to changes 
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