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Lag issue
Hello every one, it's Snake Cool
I have been trying to fix my ping since the last weak
Until one of my friends told me that i should change the rate of the server 
So any help? 
What is the rate of this server to get the usual and good ping  Dodgy ?

Thank you Smile
Best wishes 
best rates to use with Arabian Servers :

rate 100000 (100k is new max servers rate after last update)
cl_cmdrate 105 (depend on ur fps+5)
cl_updaterate 101
ex_interp 0
fps_max 100

some references u can read :
Thank you Beet !!! This resolved my lagg..
(04-28-2017, 12:34 AM)Doctor LXIII Wrote: Thank you Beet !!! This resolved my lagg..

Welcome Doc...Big Grin

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