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"Well ZARDI get rages after i didnt sent him background of PAYDAY 2 on STEAM , after this he warned me in steam says :" I'll ban you because u duck all time" , nice he kicked me before and he said i'll ban me permanent after duck , i dont know its ilegal duck with CTRL on CS 1.6 , this is since 2003.
Also ZARDI ABUSING POWER everytime when he join in server and saw me because i'm good and he wanna be like me , after when i kill him he all time say " DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK" .. For example MIBER_ all time DUCKSCROLL in server and ZARDI dont do nothing when ZARDI play versus him , i wanna providences please , i was playing in the middle of the mix and on the last rounds to finish he kicked me because i killed him.
Att - Pablo 'marcola' Delluca.
yeah, I was there playing while he kicked you without a real reason, he was lagging and raging and duck is not prohibited since is not a script or hack, rather is provided by game control !
 ...i kick you because u are Big ducker and i say you stop  duck bro ! u say : what is that duck LOL
Kicked reason ducker TY bro 
[Image: Capture_389x225.png]

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